Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss 


Dr. Seuss was a genius, a wordsmith, and basically taught me how to read and ensured me it was okay to love. If you disagree, you can fight me lol. No, no but seriously the quote above is one of my favorites because it rings true. With Valentine’s day around the corner, literally just 4 days away, I wanted to pause on all the fashion talk and talk about loveee. This coming “holiday” will be my very first real Valentine’s day. I say real, because though I’ve been in and out of relationships and things that looked like them, I don’t think I’ve truly been in a completely loving, satisfying, equally beneficial, supportive, and honest relationship until being in the one I am in now. It took awhile, but I think my finally found my valentine! (Insert cute hugging emoji here)

For me, though, it’s never quite been about this silly day or celebrating, but instead just having someone to celebrate the silly day with. I want to celebrate this love because it’s new, it feels real, I feel confident calling it mine, and I am even more confident keeping him to myself or sharing with the world. It took me awhile but I am finally happily in love. I wasn’t searching and I didn’t feel lonely when I was single. But after having your heart broken and/or played with on different occasions by different people, whether you’re young or not, you’re going to want it to stop. Yet, I have always been someone who loves love. I love witnessing love, supporting it, giving it, getting it and now being in it, so much so I wrote a whole book about it! lol. Love is to be celebrated in all circumstances, that’s how God’s love works, that’s how my love works. So whether you are single, looking, it’s complicated, or it’s none of our concern, I wish true love for you and that whether it be romantic or not, you feel nothing but love not just this week or month, but all the time.

So, with love in the cold brisk air, I figure it’s only right to spread major love on the site! Still have no V-day plans or still looking? Here’s your one-stop-shop for 10 of the best things to do this Valentine’s day:

  1. Take a cooking class! Nothing says I love you more than good food. This year, step it up a notch, instead of cooking for bae, how about cooking with bae? CocuSocial is my #1 destination when it comes to cooking, baking, or making drinks. They have some of the best inclusive classes, creative bites, and dopest teachers. BOOK A CLASS HERE
  2. Spa Date. When it comes to unwinding with the one you love, spas are a definite go-to. Whether it’s a couples massage, single body treatment, getting lost in the sauna, or just taking V-day for some tender self-love and care, a day at the spa is one you’re body will thank you for. CHECK OUT SOJO SPA CLUB HERE 
  3. Take a Trip. Mini trips are my favorite! This is the perfect chance to get away for a love-filled weekend in a cabin in the Poconos, or even some place hot instead of dealing with the New York chills. Either way, if you’ve got the time and funds, disappear for the weekend!
  4. Ballroom Dancing, anyone? Umm.. yes! Talk about stepping out of your comfort zone. This Valentine’s day have a blast with your partner or with your friends with some of the most fun dance classes in the New York area. Groupon is known for having some of the best deals on classes, don’t miss your chance! DANCE CLASS COUPON HERE 
  5. Museum of Ice cream. This is actually my plan lol so I’m inviting other lovers too! MOIC is a super dope interactive museum that focuses on transforming concepts and dreams into spaces that provoke imagination and creativity. If that doesn’t entice you, they also have this amazing deal for Valentine’s day where you can get two tickets for the price of one! Have I convinced you yet? GET TICKETS HERE 
  6. Romantic Movies! Friday is usually the day all of the best movies come out any way, so why not take a love-filled trip to your favorite dine-in! I’ve always been a sucker for a good vibe, and iPic on Fulton in NYC has one of the best. Oh yeah, and ya’ll know Issa Rae’s new movie is coming out this Friday too!! Yeah, I’m hype. CHECK OUT MOVIE TICKETS HERE 
  7. Write Love Letters. If you’ve never written a love letter before, now’s your chance! This can seem like a daunting exercise if you let it, but it doesn’t have to be. Tell the person you love all about your love for them, what they mean to you, and go the extra mile with language. We’re so used to going out, giving gifts, or just doing the most, but you can show love through written word, through penmanship, and through patience. (I wouldn’t be me if this option wasn’t on the list!)
  8. Recreate Your First Date. Do you remember your first date? Was it out to dinner? Was it something fun and interactive? Now, here’s the chance to make this V-day extra special. Take your partner on a trip down memory lane by bringing them to places that remind you of them, places only you two know about, places where your love first started.
  9. Gifts on Gifts on Gifts! What’s a Valentine’s Day without a little bling? This season, give a gift you know they’ll love! Whether he/she is dying for jewels, keeps dropping hints about that bag, or mentioned something so long ago but you know they want it — tune all the way in! This is your chance to step out of the typical flowers and chocolate and show your partner love has no price.
  10. Make Time for Love. Yes, Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday that you can count on will be overly saturated with pictures, videos, and gifts for likes, but at the same time its another day to show love. This Friday, make time for the person or people you love. Make time to tell them, to make them feel special, or to just remind them your love is abundant. That’s all we want anyway, we’re all just looking to be and feel loved. If not on Friday, do it every day this year.
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