Happy Nude Year

Sending nudes…


Happy New Year babes!

I heard a funny joke that January is actually feeling like December 43rd, 2020 which is probably the most accurate assessment of the new year 😂. From the Trump madness, to a continued global pandemic, a possible vaccine, and an attack on the capitol, it feels like we might just be right where we started. But hope certainly isn’t lost.

In fact, if there’s one thing that carried out through the end of 2020’s crazy year is hope. We have so much of it. As a people, as a country – honestly we need it.

I’m hopeful that the Biden/Harris administration will lead us away from the detrimental path Trump had us on.

I’m hopeful for the true justice the Black and Brown people of this country will receive.

I’m hopeful for the beautiful brand The Major Ki, LLC will blossom into – more books, more speaking engagements, building more powerful Black authors.

I’m hopeful for love.

I’d like to think as a people, we’re all in this blank space – nude – seemingly colorless but the uncertainty brings endless possibilities.

Shades: Sorella Boutique, Puffer Coat: Zara, Unitard: Sorella, Bracelet: Kate Spade, Bag: JW Pei, Shoes: Balenziaga

Ya’ll know I’m a sucker for details — this handle is everything

Always be a vibe.

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