The New Normal: Life in Quarantine

“Things our lives revolved around  – work, gym, malls, movies, society have all gone for a toss as we are learning to live without them. It has taught us that in the end, it’s your own home and family that keeps you safe.” – a random find from @seashellmechelle on Instagram.


Well friends, does anyone know how we got here?

Currently, I’m writing to you from the comfort of my bedroom floor at 4pm on a Tuesday afternoon. Between my booty and the hardwood lie a fuzzy decorative pillow for cushion. My legs are sprawled, there are things every where, but i’m able to sift through it all – an organized mess if you will. Yes, an organized yet seemingly chaotic system that has been put into play since Kate Spade corporate and retail employees were banned from the office and into suggested (but basically mandatory) remote working since last week. But not just us – all three Tapestry brands, my mom’s job, the billing department I was supposed to send a check to (that’s works out for me thou! lol) and apparently the whole country! Yeah 2020 just turned up.

To think just a few weeks ago I was licking ice cream and sharing space with strangers on Valentine’s Day – now they don’t want us within 6 feet of anybody. Let’s take a moment to reminisce on the good times…

Museum of Ice Cream – Soho, NYC          Dress – Fashion Nova | White turtle neck – would you believe me if I told you I’ve had this since high school cheerleading! haha.. Go Spirits! | Sneakers – Balenciaga | Purse – beaccessoried | Accessories – Kate Spade New York | Face beat by: @jadasglamroom (IG)

I have to admit though the world has been on edge for quite some time, I feel like things didn’t really begin to escalate here until late February. And since then, things have been moving so fast – just like the 2011 film Contagion. Have you seen it? Definitely a must-see now (not even to scare you or feed into the mass hysteria, but you’ve gotta watch to genuinely be informed! Crazy similarities from the movie to our current reality.) In just a matter of days we see how an unknown sickness led to such a pandemic and contributed to chaos.

I’ve learned the difference between a pandemic and the flu is a pandemic starts in animals – which is definitely similar to what we’ve been hearing in relation to COVID-19 in the mass media. Humans unknowingly touch their face 2 – 3,000 times a day, it’s a frequent habit that has implications of hand hygiene. So imagine trying to stop something that can easily be picked up because of human nature. Trying to eliminate an invisible enemy is what brings us to where we are today. Who would have thought? You’d be surprised how many people are now starting to actively wash their hands after they use the bathroom though. Better late than never. *insert upside smiley emoji*

Can’t we just got back to the good old days, where everything was pink and we ate ice cream in public? I remember the good old days, pause for a flashback – we need some good energy..

Happy, in love, and Corona-free.        Dress: Fashion Nova | Sneakers: Balenciaga | Bag: beaccessoried

All in all, I think now more than ever is the perfect time to use this new normal as an opportunity to pray, spread love, and keep going with faith. We’re in crazy, unknown times led by a man who couldn’t be more unfit to be president. In times like these it’s easy to feed into negativity or let fear overcome you, but thats where faith comes in. I know things might get worst before they get better so it’s a blessing to have the chance to be home and with our families right now, though it may really seem and feel like a lockdown. Living with gratitude – sometimes its not the easiest to find but so worth it when you do.

So if I have any tips to offer in an effort to stay sane during the outbreak and time in it’s this — cherish it. We don’t know what this life has to offer, how long we have in it, how long we’ll have the people we want to spend life with, or what the heck this virus will mean for our near futures — but we do have today. With a blessing like that, how can you waste it?

Read, write, work, work out, group facetime, virtual happy hour, mediate and/ or reminisce, because it was happy times once and I believe what goes down always makes it’s way back up.

Speaking of reminiscing, here’s a scene from my pink weekend. I think this was the last weekend I really got dressed and went out somewhere before the quarantine and chill was implemented country-wide. I’m in cute comfy clothes these days… hmm.. sounds like we need a cozy clothes series! New post loading…

Flashback to the good times, all pink everything! For @taliatrilogy’s 30tea Party, nothing but vibes (Pre-Corona) || Furry Mini Dress + Sweater: Fashion Nova


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2 thoughts on “The New Normal: Life in Quarantine”

  1. Sara A Rodgers says:

    Can’t wait to see the cozy clothes series!!! Stay healthy & stay safe! God Bless

    1. Kiana says:

      I’m so happy to see you’re loving the content!! Stay tuned for more style series to come 🙂

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