Our Top 20 Favorite Styles

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” —Rachel Zoe


Rachel Zoe is one of my favorite fashion geniuses. She’s right you know, fashion doesn’t dictate what we wear, but instead when to wear it. Meaning everything else is left up to us. We have the power to dress in the color of our moods, to saturate ourselves in whatever fabric we need, to dance in a dress, skirt, jeans, or just a big ass sweater, everything is up to us. For once, we have absolute control without having to voice a sound, that’s beyond fashion — that type of freedom is true style.

Anybody can throw on jeans and tee, for the most part, we all shop at the same places any way! But the difference between what I buy at Zara vs. what you did is what we do with it! I am fearless when it comes to my style. I am unafraid to mix fabrics or wear white after labor day; I will wear heels and basketball shorts if the swag fits; I’ll make any outfit work to fit me – not the other way around. I take charge of my style, because I dress the way I want to be addressed.

And so should you! Think about it, no I mean seriously think about it — what does your style say about you? What do you think people think of you before you speak? And don’t give me that, “I don’t care what people think of me” yadda yadda. I mean that’s great, be your own person, shine! But regardless of what you say, the fact is, we do care what people think and we want to leave lasting impressions. Should you internalize other people’s thoughts – hell no. But it makes a big difference when people are already thinking highly of you because of your presentation. Your presentation matters. Your style matters. So, take a moment to think about what that means for you, and if you have never thought about it, now is your chance! We’re still in the beginning of this new year and there is so much time to do things differently, to be different, look different, style different. Whatever you want to be, dress like it.

Me? My style is risky. I am a risk taker and sometimes I like to play it cool. I’m a little bit of everything when I want to be, but always me. Here’s a spread of my top 20 style favorites (in no particular order), a little bit of sexy, cool, laid back, professional, and worth all the risk!

Outfit Details: Zara from head to toe

Outfit details: Zara pants + top Aldo Accessories

Outfit Details: Zara mesh dress + polka dot slip + white boots Coach purse

Outfit Details: BCBG Dress + fur coat Michael Kors heels Kate Spade New York accessories

Outfit Details: HM sweater + buckle belt Zara white vest + ripped jeans Aldo shoes + purse

Outfit Details: Zara dress over matching pants; Coach purse Aldo Accessories

Outfit Details: Zara oversized sweater + sequin ruffled skirt + purse Public Desire heels

Outfit Details: Zara ruffled jumpsuit + net bag Kate Spade heels

Outfit Details: Zara button down dress + off the shoulder shirt Simmi Shoes Kate spade bag

Outfit Details: Kate Spade polka dot shirt + accessories Zara skirt + net bag HM buckle belt Steve Madden heels

Outfit Details: Zara jacket + tethered jeans Forever21 button down HM buckle belt Steve Madden heels

Outfit Details: Fashion Nova dress Zara heels

Outfit Details: Zara dress + embroidered purse Aldo shoes + accessories

Outfit Details: Shop Akira tye dye set Kate Spade purse Asos chunky sandals

Outfit Details: Asos dress + chunky sandals Aldo shades + earrings

Outfit Details: Asos dress Shop Akira strapped up heels

Outfit Details: Kate Spade necklace Shop Akira jumpsuit Kate Spade purse Be Accessoried accessories

Outfit Details: House of CB Velvet suit + Caged bodysuit Simmi Shoes velvet thigh high boots Kate Spade purse + accessories

Outfit Details: HM over sized sweater Zara suede jacket + skirt Simmi Shoes over the knee Kate Spade purse + accessories Be Accessoried shades

Outfit Details: HM suede zip up jacket Zara stripped body suit Shop Akira flare jeans Kate Spade purses + accessories

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