If the Shoe Fits

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” —Coco Chanel


How do you define different? How do you maintain your uniqueness? For me, fashion provides that incompatible feeling. I can turn a dress into a shirt, a shirt into a dress, wear heels with socks, or wear a head scarf around my waist, all while still being able to walk in public and even stop traffic on a good or bad day. It’s easy to mix things up, I’d say first things first is figuring out how you can turn something everyday into something just for you.

Sometimes, it’s less DIY and more unique buy — like a crazy heeled shoe, dope bag, crazy designed tights, sick earrings, bold make up, you name it, it’s probably out there lol. While you take a moment to figure out exactly how you can start differentiating yourself and your style, here’s a spread of some of my funkiest and unique fashion finds:

ZARA: Basic tee with custom knitted cloth and wooden chest pocket

ZARA: 2-in-1 basket bag with inside drawstrings and pull over strap

COACH: Studded messenger and/or clutch paired with ZARA patent leather boots with cut heel

ALDO: Do Ya Thing custom artist boot

ZARA: Sling back heel with wooden zigzag heel, paired with amber and plastic circle wooden purse

ZARA: detail in the denim, tethered designer jeans

Jeffrey Campbell heels + Kate Spade New York suede handbag

Urban Outfitters: Crushed velvet boots with chunky heels

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