Twenty Goals for 2020

“Be grateful for what you already have while you pursue your goals.
If you aren’t grateful for what you already have, what makes you think you would be happy with more.” – Roy T Bennett.


So, I’ve been doing a lot of things semi-differently these days. I say semi, only because I’m basically on house arrest due to this knee injury. They say you need a full year to recover from an ACL reconstruction and per my last post, you already know how I am playing no games and might even take 2 years just to be sure I’m really good. But anyway, I digress. It’s easier to really stay on top of yourself, your habits, and fight for consistency when you’re in the house and doing the same things for the most part every day. The real tests stand when you’re thrown into the wild of life. Work, social life, family, relationships, gigs, exercising, church, extracurriculars, etc — when you’re able to get through all that AND stick to your new year goals, talk to me.

But no, on a serious note, a lot the change we want starts with us. And I want to make sure I’m doing right by me in my moments of stillness and when I’m back to my regular scheduled work/life program. Alongside consistency this year, I’m aiming for balance and with these 20 goals here’s how I plan to get to it:

  1. Pray more. I don’t want to just read about God’s works and marvelous ways, I want to live it and be a true example to it. That starts with prayer.
  2. Write more. Writing more poetry, writing words of affirmation, writing in my notepad, calendar, or any chance I can get. It’s time to truly begin to work on and diversify my craft. There’s never enough learning when it comes to being a true writer.
  3. Eat more greens.  And I specifically say more greens because I tend to run away from the color when it comes to food. I’ve had such bad experiences with avocado that I looked away and never looked back. But, it’s time to look back lol.
  4. Cook more… okay, okay. Learn to cook. Self-explanatory. lol My boyfriend and my wallet will thank me. I need to say goodbye to Uber’s Diamond plan!
  5. Open up to the new and unheard of. I’m typically someone who always loves trying new things, and I still am. But somewhere along the way, when it comes to meals or eating clean I tend to look the other way, but I want to become an adventurer in all ways – especially in the kitchen.
  6. Save more. Save more time and more money by being real with myself and sticking to my budget plan, and that might mean saying no a little more to hang outs/etc. But it’s time to build.
  7. Be more intentional with my creativity. Along with being consistent, I want to make more time to truly developing my ideas and diversifying the content on my website from the shoots, to styling more, and revamping the way content flows. I want this website to feel like an online journal mixed with shopping through your favorite designers wardrobe. A different kind of mix, but still major.
  8. Style more/Shop more. That’s what the people want, that’s what the people are getting! No more undercover style sessions through pics and text messages, Styled By Ki is coming 2020.
  9. Post more. When I first started blogging, I’d make it my business get a post in any time I could. Then I realized any time was turning into no time at all. So now I figured I can dedicate myself to 2 new posts a week – 3 if i’m lucky! But you’ll see more, I promise!
  10. Create more. Though I want to do so many things, I found that in the past that I started so many projects but got so busy up keeping everything, nothing was as great as I know things could have been. This year, I’m creating more with intention and biting what I know I can chew. From the podcast to my book to this blog, we will plan and always execute.
  11. Learn more. I want to open myself up to new hobbies or new subjects I’ve never learned about before. Politics – I know only what the headlines say, I want to take a stab and really understanding the bafoonery going on right now. Or, sports, math, construction — anything! Well, not just anything. But definitely things that have sparked my interest in the past – time to take a deeper dive.
  12. Travel more. I’m thinking of 5 trips a year (internationally) 5 trips (locally) and 1 grand trip with either family or friends? I need to see more of the world. There’s so much to be inspired by!
  13. Focus and remain true. Sundays are reserved for creativity. Period.
  14. Make more time for family. I find myself dodging calls sometimes… most times. Not cool, I know. Family is everything to me, gotta start acting like it.
  15. Love more. I am a walking love machine – literally. I talk about love, write about it, and record about it. I give it out like free samples at a new restaurant, but I’ve also been burned enough to start putting a lid on it. I don’t want anyone or anything to define me. I am love. Always.
  16. Grow a garden. I learned late last year that my thumb is turning green! It started with a lucky bamboo, now I’m a plant mama. I want to surround myself in greenery and healing energy. AKA, more plants please.
  17. Be still. During this time of recovery , I’ve managed to really tap into my stillness and enjoy times of silence, time without tv, and time with myself. This will continue.
  18. Decorate more. I love interior decorating! It’s a small secret of mine, but if you know me, you know I am a lover of big pillows, soft blanket furs, furniture accents and so much more. I want to share this with you all more and in different capacities, stay tuned..
  19. Be consistent. I know I said this already, but I’m saying it again so you know it’s real.
  20. Learn from last year and the years before. Be different. Be kind. Forgive. Love. Move on. Move forward.
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