Cowboys. Sidebar: I’m not a fan lol. But I do love a good varsity jacket! If you’re ever in need of a good vintage throwback, @mrthrowback in NYC is a must! JACKET: @mrthrowback (vintage apparel) EARRINGS: @shopmariahkelly

So, would you believe Eb and I were still in Industry City for this shoot? If you haven’t guessed this is my new favorite place! My stance should tell all lol. Imagine a working space with a food spot and different creative rooms just for pictures, its so dope. It was the perfect night to be comfy cute! DRESS: Zara SHOES: Boohoo.com

Sitting Pretty. BRAIDS: @_styled_by_lex and a natural beat! okurr!

JACKET: @mrthrowback ACCESSORIES: Aldo + Kate Spade DRESS: Zara EARRINGS: @shopmariahkelly

Industry City, Brooklyn. Why the hell not? Changed the look, sneakers and dresses are always a hit. Remember beauty doesn’t always have to be pain!

I’ve actually had these babies for a little while and the bubbles tell no lie. It’s exactly like walking on air! So comfortable and I can throw them in the wash. Nike never disappoints me lol AIRMAX FLYKNIT

Always end a series with good energy and a blurry pic lol This is real ya’ll, and all me!

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