Lips Over Polka Dots

Wednesday April 17, 2019, the day before my knee surgery I was determined to get content ready. I wanted to remember myself being my strongest, most creative, and fearless self. When I think of being fearless, the first color that comes to mind is red. Red is full of power, bold, and is always a statement. This entire look was inspired by the color red, from the pop of my Steve Madden heels to the embellished lip logo on my Kate Spade New York shirt, I wanted to remember standing this tall and fabulous because I knew I was going to be on a hospital bed and in recovery for the next few months healing my torn ACL. Sometimes the hardest things happen to you at the worst times. But what do you do when life hands you lemons? I somehow turn them into margaritas! Photographed by: @stevedollas

This was probably one of the most fun, casual, and fulfilling shoots I’ve done in a while. Gathering content by just being myself, in my city, with creatives like @stevedollas makes this job so worth it. The goal is to always be doing exactly what I love. Photographed by: @stevedollas

HAIR: @glamourqueenhair TOP: Kate Spade New York SKIRT: Zara BELT: H&M HEELS: Steve Madden BAG: Asos.com ACCESSORIES: Kate Spade/ Michael Kors Photographed by: @stevedollas

A girl really only needs one solid thing when out on the town: a good bag big enough but cute enough to unapologetically throw everything you need in it. Lucky for me my ASOS find is like 2 bags in 1! The net layer is accompanied by a beige sack in the inside that allows me to pack it all in without overdoing it! Perfect for a pool day or a trip to the city. Photographed by: @stevedollas

MAJOR Ki. A woman determined to shine and bring others to their light. HAIR: @glamourqueenhair RINGS: Kate Spade WATCH:L Michael Kors Photographed by: @stevedollas

Good weather calls for strappy heels – Steve Madden

Photographed by: @stevedollas

Photographed by: @stevedollas

You are what you think you are. You can call me BOSS. Photographed by: @stevedollas

Life’s too short not to smile! Your best accessory is your genuine energy, mine radiates through my smile and attracts those that are like it. What do you attract?

MAJOR Details: Stacked lips. Plastic pink with solid gold band accompanied with a bejeweled pink and gold sister lip ring and infinity heart. Courtesy of Kate Spade New York Photographed by: @stevedollas

MAJOR Details: Lips and polka dots. Who knew that would the perfect combo? RINGS: Kate Spade TOP: Kate Spade INITIAL CHAIN: Kate Spade Photographed by: @stevedollas

MAJOR Details. Sometimes it’s the things you’d never expect that flow effortlessly together. The H&M belt alone gives me a western/rocker vibe, but paired with Zara’s pleated skirt and Kate’s cream & polka dot top, the look is turned into something a little more chic. A full outfit meant for work or maybe a cute Sunday brunch! Photographed by: @stevedollas

MAJOR Details: Craftsmanship of the messy bohemian locs and the Kate Spade novelty earrings. Photographed by: @stevedollas

MAJOR Details: A little more red to add to the look EARRINGS – Kate Spade Photographed by: @stevedollas

MAJOR Details: Even my hair is full of surprises! While the amazing team at @glamourqueenhair did hook me up with the cutest/natural looking accessories, I added a dream catcher for a little bit of flavor! Photographed by: @stevedollas

When in doubt, laugh!

Snap chat diaries lol. Always end my blog with a little bit of fun. Side note: For any ladies wondering, i’m lashed by Flutter lashes!

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