The Wedding Guest

Weddings: a ceremony where two or more people unite in marriage. Though this post is coming to you about a month later, on September 19, 2019, I had the outstanding privilege of witnessing my very good friend, MJ, get married!! The ceremony itself was beautiful — she looked stunning, he stole the hearts of many, and their love captivated the night. I was especially honored to be a part of such an intimate gathering, it was amazing to see another beautiful black woman, my age, take this bold, fearless step on love and faith through marriage. I couldn’t help but think of my own values, hopes, and future plans. For as long as I can remember, marriage was always a no-go for me… I have to admit their love has slowly changed my mind.

The Millers.

Honored to stand beside Mr and Mrs Duran Miller!! #TheMillerLove MJ, you are my friend, my love, my inspiration, my support and I hope in turn I can always be those things to you and more. This journey of love will be one for the books! I’m here whenever, for whatever, but I hope you both need nothing more than God and each other. Love always, Ki. 

Leonardo’s Palazzo. One of the most beautiful halls I’ve ever had the pleasure of taking photos in lol

And when you invite me somewhere, expect me to show up and show out! Ladies, this is how you do a wedding. Shoes: Shop Akira Dress: Asos

Ya’ll are going to want to see these details! Each piece of fabric and its corresponding beads were so thoughtfully placed. Not only did I dance all night, but the dress followed! Asos, you out did yourself with this one.

Surprise! We’re bring sexy back — literally lol!

@Starryluv on the beat Dress: Asos Strappy heels: Shop Akira Earring knots: Tiffany and Co.

Had to give ya’ll a side view so you see what I mean man! I admit though, the dress was quite heavy, the embellishments do weigh a bit, but I promise it’s not too much. Though I was a little hesitant of pairing the heels with the dress, shine and drama worked perfectly!

MUA: @Starryluv Dress: Asos Shoes: Shop Akira

A LOOK. MUA: @Starryluv Dress: Asos Shoes: Shop Akira

MUA: @Starryluv Dress: Asos Shoes: Shop Akira

MUA: @Starryluv Dress: Asos Shoes: Shop Akira

Motion, poise, grace and style with every move! MUA: @Starryluv Dress: Asos Shoes: Shop Akira

My beautiful bestfriend has often been the glue for MJ and I. Over the years, I think we’ve all done an amazing job of glowing and growing together. Love this girl more than life. She was both my date and MJ’s honored guest 🙂

To my gorgeous friend, purest soul, lover of God, and now wifeeee, words can’t express how truly happy I am for you! you are so deserving of happiness and your very own happily ever after. Wishing you and Duran nothing but continued growth, a lifetime of happiness, and never ending love! #TheMillerLove.

The Wedding Guest. MUA: @Starryluv Dress: Asos Shoes: Shop Akira

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