A Night of Love at Wake and Bake Cafe

Hello November, 2019!

100 Days of Dating…0ne year later and we’re still kicking!

Who would have thought we’d make this far, let alone make it here at all, right? I mean it’s really crazy sometimes when you sit back and look at all you can really do — it’s amazing. To think this book started as painful entries in my diary, and now across 12 months to look back and see how many people these words have been able to touch or how many people can relate to the feelings expressed… God is so good!

That’s why after a year of promoting the publication of my first book, through my 5 city book tour, the release of my podcast The Dating Network, and continuing to teach love through education at public speaking panels and events and book readings and partnerships with black owned businesses, it all came to a sweet end and celebration of love at Wake and Bake Cafe in Valley Stream, NY! Jessica Naissant, the owner of the CBD concentrated cafe, and I attended junior high school together, Hudde. I remember seeing her through the halls. I remember having mutual friends, but never quite speaking directly to each other. No hate, no shade, but no love either. I remember seeing her hang out with the rougher looking kids, but even then, to me she didn’t fit in there. To me, though no words were said, a vibe was always felt. She was always a girl of chosen words and whom I just always thought was just real.

Fast forward to about a decade and a half later, she’s hosting me for a book reading in her cafe – that she owns – because its hers. I mean I wrote a book or whatever, but sis has property okuuurr! No, but seriously, again – it’s amazing! We reconnected on Instagram and pulled our resources together to create a night of love. It was an absolute honor to invite friends, family, readers, and new supporters of the like to Wake and Bake. Vibes were off the wall. From the lively painted artistic wall paintings, to the neatly displayed CBD gummies, hemp, CBD infused tea, body butter, soap, candy, oils, and so much more, it was a dope place to be.

It was important to me that I make this night a little different than the others. I switched the 100 Days of Dating custom tees to spice up the merch — such a great idea, huge shout out to Tom from SIS in NYC, he was amazing with my last minute (day of) requests! I even tried to get a big name guest speaker, but that fell through. I actually partially take blame, I legit started asking people the week before – in my defense, I juggle sooo much during the week! But any way, even with the slight modifications and small fails, we really pulled off an amazing night. And I say “we” because my best friend Ebony, my boyfriend Brandon, and of course my traveling support team, aka my parents, literally always have my back and are there every time and always. From calming my nerves, to helping me set up, or running errands, they’re there – by choice, and I think that’s the most comforting thing.

So in some, Sunday October 27, 2019 at Wake and Bake Cafe was a vibe. I hosted my last live book reading for the year and it was a surge of love, good energy, kindness, purity, did i say love? Because there really was a lot of that! I couldn’t have asked for a better end to this journey.

Thank you @lucam_ for capturing every moment and giving me something to post! Of course pictures last a thousand words and hold a lifetime of memories, but I promise, you guys really just had to be there! Relive the night with me, enjoy my recap below 🙂

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Right: Author, Kiana St Louis. Left: Wake and Bake Cafe owner, Jessica Naissant

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