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I went into this new year going after everything I always wanted. Now, 2020 has taught me to appreciate everything and everyone I have.


Whew! It’s November 4th, day after the presidential election and we still don’t have a president. After a global pandemic and no clear end to systemic racism, our country is literally split in half. People have either loved Trump and all the hateful things he’s said and all the nothing he’s done, or people are riding with Joe and Kamala truly knowing they might not be presidential, but they at least seem to be decent human beings. I’ll take the lesser of the two evils.

I’ll admit, the pressure has been on. This whole year has been somewhat of a scary story. But even in the midst of all the crazy, there’s still so much good.

I count small wins every day! This week’s win was getting an on time shipment of amazing new clothes from my new favorite place to shop – Manière De Voir. Literally 2 day shipping from across the world – I can’t make this up!! After a rush to the polls, a never ending ballot count, and a long ass week; I got some new sweats lol. Looks like we’ll be indoors much longer than expected, we’ll need some comfort food and fashion to match.

Major Ki rockin’ her SHADES tote, Shop Akira bucket hat, Kate Spade earrings, sweat suit from Manière De Voir


Manière De Voir’s drawstring belt bag is a MUST HAVE

it’s always the details for me.

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What’s on your bookshelf?

Darkskin. Brown. Black. Beautiful.

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