SHADES The Book Launch: Poetry and Picnic in the Park!

It’s here, it’s here, SHADES is finally here!!!

After a year of writing and transforming stories of heroic Black women into a collection of free form poetry, my second book SHADES is finally here! I still can’t believe it.

On Sep 20th in Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, NY, I transformed the grassy field into a live book launch picnic! Over 100 people joined me to celebrate the launch of this new piece. We had live music, caterers, drinks, amazing Black women vendors, spoken word performances, song selection and even guests who traveled from Delaware!! Men and women that I’ve never met, people who found me through instagram, online, word of mouth — everywhere, Black, white, random people from the park stopped by — it was AMAZING. There were so many moments I wanted to cry.

I’m so incredibly proud of this work and want nothing more than to truly share this with the world! This is just the beginning! I’m so dedicated to pushing this book as far as I can. I hope you’re ready to journey with me! Please be sure to get a copy right here on the site in our books section: https://themajorki.com/books/ 

Also available on amazon and amazon kindle!


For those who missed a night to remember, here are shots from SHADES: Poetry and Picnic in the Park, captured by Ricardo Picasso.

Custom SHADES tee (available for pre order Oct 19)

Our guests from Delaware, representing SHADES✨

My Queen Mother, loving her SHADES custom tee (available for pre order 10/19)

My dream team!!


Queen Titi and band getting ready for their set

Family flew in all the way from Atlanta just for SHADES!

My friends are the BEST support

All the way from Delaware, reppin’ SHADES✨

the details ✊🏾

When the special guest shows up lol. There was so much LOVE to go around!

Queen Tifah, the woman behind The Itis Cuisine, one of our amazing food vendors!

The Itis Cuisine

Beautiful guests showing off their SHADES merch ✨

HUGE thank you to the beautiful people who continuously uplift me!

It really was a beautiful picnic with so many new faces!!

Even my amazing friends from work came to support!!

Childhood friendships that last forever, those are my favorite ❤️

Shout out to this amazing trio who drove in all the way from Delaware! This Black Girl Magic at its finest ✨

This was the top 5 worst mic ever lol (possibly best for only indoor functions)

Queen Mariyah Kelly, the woman behind Shop Mariyah Kelly, a crystal jewelry and talisman designer ✨

Queen Titi in her element

Looks like a great read to me 😍

t’was a vibe

Some support, you just never have to question ✨

Some of the most important people to me continue to show support, in and outside of the office!! ❤️❤️❤️

Behind the scenes of SHADES, my Queens were hard at work!

I love that you love my bags ❤️

My best friend wrote a poem for me ❤️

Queen Mariyah in her element ✨

My girls ❤️

My celebrity couple, love them so much ❤️

Forever friends

Big Ricardo Picasso ❤️

Queen Eni, the woman behind Eni Eats, one of our amazing caterers and my best friend! ✨ Loving her SHADES tee

My amazing partners!!!

Queen Shakele, reciting a few words during our spoken words ✨

Real life reactions lol, this cake was EVERYTHING

Queen Mother in law ✨ Thank you so much for my beautiful cake!

Behind every Queen, should be her King ❤️

His and Her looks from Grassfields

Us in picture 😂 — great scenes might be great, but I love your bloopers.

My partner in crime, the color to my pages, my illustrator – Queen Deidre✨

one time for book 2!! ✌🏾

Queen Yara✨ our amazing end of party Dj!

Queens in SHADES tees (available for pre order October 19)

The details✨✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

Queen Bri ✨ the calm to my storm, i love you so much. thank you

SHADES was truly a night of love ✨

Queen Jazelle ✨ the woman behind Jazzy Flaves, our amazing cocktail maker and beautiful friend!

Love ❤️ Always end on a high note.

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