An Ode to Summer Dresses

With Summer coming to an end faster than any of us could have imagined, I thought the perfect touch to end the season is with an ode to the summer dress. Dresses are by far one of my favorite outfit pieces, because they’re a no brainer! You literally just slip in and your dressed! I guess that’s where “dress” probably comes from lol you just get right to it! I hope you all love the series, and get excited to stock your closets for next summer! Outfit details will be under every post! In this look, I am dripped in Kate Spade from jewelry to shoes!

Talk about look back at it! The backless single flower detail on this Kate dress was to die for, and particularly the reason I picked it up at our summer sample sale. And yes, the earrings were the perfect set to pair with the look, I didn’t even plan to be floral’d out like this until I saw the pictures! Kate Spade is a must shop for any season!

Best Friend Tings. Have you all met Julia yet? She’s the love of my life lol and my oldest friend, literally. I remember us in the sandbox. A few Sunday’s ago, we celebrated at our friend Marikah’s bridal shower in Valley Stream. The entire vibe was amazing. We can’t wait to witness that #MillerLove

Dress: Kate Spade New York Shoes: Kate Spade New York

The Bride to Be!! We’re just a few days away from September 19, 2019 and I can’t to see you walk down the aisle! This is my beautiful friend Marikah, also known as @rebellemj on the socials. I wish I had details to share for this outfit beauty, but luckily this babe is also a blogger! For summer bridal festivities, she’s a page you don’t want to miss!


Taking a quick pause in the series to show love to my favorite lash brand, @flutterlashes! I’m often asked what lashes I use if I don’t get them installed individually, and they are for sure my go to. Another favorite is Lily Lashes or even Bold Lashes. Ladies, get into it!

A selfie, yes. But the focus should really be the floral neckline – I’m not even wearing it right now but still obsessing. Each petal seriously kept getting attached to my twists though lol, they are seriously 3D!

What’s a summer without ruffles? Dress: Zara Book bag: Kate Spade Sandals: Asos

Dress: Zara Book bag: Kate Spade Sandals: Asos

Pink is my color — warriors wear pink Dress: Zara



Dress: Zara Shoes: Public Desire Jacket: @mrthrowback

Yellow strapless with fringe, light, sexy, perfect for the summer. Zara men’s jacket Zara dress

A blast from the past! Does this dress ring any bells? Dress: House of Cb

Ding ding! If anyone guessed the Raisin in Sun shoot, they were right! This dress is the same dress I wore last year for the 100 Days of Dating Launch Party, (minus the sleeves and the flowers lol) That’s all fashion does, it’s not about what you wear, but when you wear it and definitely how!

Dress: House of CB Shoes: Simmi Shoes

Dress: House of CB Shoes: Simmi Shoes

Dress: Zara Shoes: Kate Spade New York Knitwear bag: Zara

A blast from the past! This was a look I wore last year, mixing skins and fabrics by pairing this leather short sleeve dress with Zara’s snakeskin boots. Such a look! Despite the textures, it was light enough to walk around in and the boots were surprisingly so comfortable and non sweaty. However, I do highly recommend wearing this toward the beginning of the summer or even end of spring when the weather is just warming up! I don’t how boots would go in 90 degree weather lol. Dress: Zara Boots: Zara

Dress: Zara Shoes: Zara

We came a long way guys! I remember the first time I came out with my brace post surgery, it was the craziest thing at the time. I felt strong but still a little unstable, but still wanted to be cute lol. I think we pulled it off! Dress: Kate Spade Shoes: Aldo


Okay, so not exactly a dress but definitely still something to add! The pleated skirt, off the shoulder shirt, and velvet boots are a high summer combo and was one of my church favorites. Summer chic Shirt: Zara Pleated Skirt: Zara Boots: Simmi Shoes

Top Knot Shirt: @Zara Skirt: @Zara Boots: Simmi Shoes

Let’s end this off right, with a splash of orange! Take me back to Curlfest 2019 Dress: Asos Shades: Aldo Shoes: Asos

Barely there, always off the shoulder Dress: Asos Sandals: Asos Necklace: Kate Spade New York


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