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So, we started this girls trip in honor of my big cousin/sister’s Mika V’s birthday! Mika, Amber, Adrian and I spent the last 5 days of Women’s History Month on the shores of Decameron, Haiti. 5.22.2019

Everything about this Island is a dream. Despite what’s heard on the American news and what you think you’ve seen on television, Haiti is a mountainous island filled with beautiful land and people with a sunset to die for.

SWIMSUIT: Zara RESORT: Decameron, Haiti

SWIM: Zara COVER UP: Boohoo.com

I was so busy taking videos and pictures of the water, streets and other people that this is actually my only selfie of the trip! Right before our first night’s dinner. EARRINGS: Aldo

Each place I travel to, I try to make it my duty to experience a luxury massage. Why? Because vacations are supposed to be relaxation at its finest. Yes, there’s time to explore, time to eat, and time to swim, but the most important time to make is the time to do nothing. Time to be pampered. My experience at Decameron’s beach spa, Hibiscus, was breathtaking. If I concentrate hard enough, I can still hear the calm sounds of the ocean.

Dinner in the Capitol: RUFFLED ROMPER: asos.com NET BAG: asos.com EARRINGS: Aldo SHOES: Kate Spade

Confession #233: I was so disappointed with my braids when I first got them! Yes, they were cute and so neatly done (shout out to my stylist @_styledbylex_) but has anyone ever had an exact look in their head and what came out was completely different? That was me. Everything definitely came together in Haiti though! I’m braidless now, but so wishing i still had them in lol.

This was my favorite look of the trip! The crew and I went to our first authentic Haitian Restaurant near the resort and appearance was everything. My favorite accessory of the night were my new floral block heels from Kate Spade. The heel is so comfortable to walk on and the 3D flower with attached lips are the cutest details. Shameless plug for my job: Kate Spade New York is a brand for the woman. It’s fun, flirty, classy, and feminine. A look all women feel beautiful in.

Yes, you guessed it. My underwear was orange lmao!

The girls and I didn’t do many hotel excursions. In fact, we only did this one lol. On Saturday 3.23.19 we boarded a speed boat that took us across the resort to a little part of the island hidden by mountains. We went from the speed boat to shallow waters where a full meal was prepared right on the spot! We ate fresh fish, lobster, chicken and veggies as the sound of kompa filled our little area. It was in this moment, I truly fell in love with my home country. Major Ki is Empress Haiti!

Shameless. I’ll take a fire picture anywhere lol

SWIM: asos.com SHADES: Aldo

Insert cool kid caption here.

TYE DIE SET: Boohoo.com FANNY PACK: Kate Spade SANDALS: Asos.com ARMLET: @Knispo SHADES: Aldo

On day 3, the girls and I decided to head off the resort for a brunch in Petiónville, another neighborhood about 2 hours from our hotel. This was the most adventurous day we had all trip! We spent $65pp just to travel to a regular brunch menu that we could have gotten right here in America. We paid $40pp for the meal and then got bamboozled into paying for our driver’s meal… only for our car to break down 20min after we left lol. We were stuck in the middle of Haiti for almost hour with nothing but nice views and passing goats. It was a nightmare in the moment, but thinking back now probably the funniest story I have to tell!

Dear Haiti, This was my first, but certainly won’t be my last. I’ll forever hold the memories of your sunsets. I’ll never grow tired of the music, sounds, feel and joy you left me which I still feel. The town, the roads, the people of this country are etched in my brain. I wish I got to stay longer than 5 days. I wish I could give back to each and every one of the tarnished homes and families. I wish the circumstances were different, but even in the midst of the madness, there is still a masterpiece. Your people are strong and they need to be reminded of their strength but they are not done yet. I believe in you and love everything about the culture of which I’m made up of. I can’t believe it took me 25 years to see you, I won’t ever wait that long again.

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