The Comeback: Still Falling for Fashion

Hey Dolls,

It feels good to type against these keys again.. 

Since the launch of Major Ki’s Closet, a lot of unexpected life changes happened which affected my consistency here. Though writing and creativity has often been my release, I’ve recently fallen into what feels like the sunken place. Words have been tough to form, my creative juices have gone sour, and I admit I’ve been pretty sad ya’ll. About a month ago, I learned I re-tore my ACL in the same knee I just had surgery in less than 7 months ago. I thought I was healing well and essentially tried to just jump back into heels, work out classes, and life. That’s what you do when you’re feeling better, right — wrong. Well, at least in this case.

Turns out, regardless of how good I felt or how fast recovery seemed to be from the first surgery in April 2019, I truly needed a full year of slow down to heal the way I needed to. I went Soul Cycling a month ago, and then a little bit of hot yoga, and then bam! I remember literally feeling the instability. I remember thinking maybe it’s just a strain or just a little too much pressure. I remember the doctor telling me how sorry he was that we have to go through everything all over again. The excruciating pain. The meds. The physical therapy. Everything.

Though its said this time around might actually be a little easier, the process is the same. Hearing that after everything I’ve been through this year took me down, man. I’m a woman of positive thinking, I’m a believer of Gods word, and my faith is often unshakable, but I allowed myself to fall so low after being so sad that everything came to a stop. I felt like I disappointed myself, my supporters, everyone. I can just hear my dad’s voice ringing “take it easy, Kiki.” I felt like every time I take a few steps forward I’m thrown a mile back. This felt like a huge set back.

Until I realized it wasn’t.

Everything happens for a reason and perspective is everything. This isn’t a set back, but instead a set up for something greater. Maybe this was a true wake up call from my body and health that taking it easy and fully allowing time to do its thing is a necessity not a choice. I’ve been wanting to reimagine the way I do things and execute my special projects, and now I can. For a while, this side hustle started to feel so much like work, it wasn’t as fun for me anymore. Maybe this is what I need. A real moment to pause, reevaluate, and get back on my feet when I’m really ready. In the meantime, I can give my projects, my brand, and everything I’m doing real focus. This wasn’t perfect timing. It never really is, but it’s the time I’m called for. I need to realign myself in more ways than one, starting with God. I’m confident now the rest will follow.

To anyone who might have had their life seemingly “set back”, I hope you take moment to read this and know you’re not alone. Our thoughts are so powerful and will take us to some crazy places if we don’t claim power over them. Things happen that we could never plan for, but we make it out with our minds in tact to ready a plan of action. Whatever you might have been going through, I promise your journey is not over. In fact, it might have just begun.

So, I say all of this to say… I’m back but getting ready to do things a little differently. 2019 has been a year ya’ll! Ups and downs and even in its final days are still going round and round, but I’m confident this truly is a year of transition. 2020 will be great. Fashion is still my first love. Writing is still a huge part of who I am. The Major Ki brand lives on!

Speaking of, did you get all of your holiday shopping done? Because a vibe just blew in on the Shop page that you won’t want to miss! Shout out to my amazing product shooter and talented photographer @tashigh_foto for shooting this spread. This shoot was taken in late October and reminds me of how strong I once felt, is a subtle reminder of where I’ll be again.

Ready, set, Fall into fashion!

Suede jacket: HM Oversized Turtle neck sweater: HM Suede skirt: Zara Thigh High open toed boots: Simmi Striped Large Tote: Kate Spade New York

Suede jacket: HM Oversized Turtle neck sweater: HM Suede skirt: Zara Thigh High open toed boots: Simmi Black classic crossbody: Kate Spade New York Shades: Beaccessoried

Kate Spade Palm Tree Statement Earrings Available for purchase – Shop Major Ki’s Closet

Suede jacket: HM Oversized Turtle neck sweater: HM Suede skirt: Zara Thigh High open toed boots: Simmi Black classic crossbody: Kate Spade New York Shades: Beaccessoried

You know, I’m a sucker for details! Kate spade jewelry – Palm Tree earrings, Rings Shades – Beaccessoried

Me. In real life. Your favorite fashion junkie

Shades: @Beaccessoried Earrings: Kate Spade Black classic crossbody: Kate spade

The Comeback. Major Ki Reloaded.

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