March Magic ✨

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud. – Coco Chanel


Women. I love us. All of us.

I love how strong and tender we are at the same time. I love how emotional we are – because it means we care. I love everything about the way we think and how we handle things. We need more of us in every space.

More women in politics.

More women in health care.

More women in law enforcement.

More women in social justice.

More women in leadership.

More women in everything.


Blog Talk

So much has been happening in the world and for so long it feels like women have been at the forefront every crisis. We are always quick to defend, uphold the battle and are just constantly fighting, for instance. However, celebrating Women’s History Month means acting in true support of the woman and her needs, the importance of her voice, her value in society and in the work force, for example. It means really advocating for women’s rights, for equality, for equal pay, and uplifting human rights. We have a responsibility to ourselves, to each other to stand up and stand out.

I know I’ve been slacking with the blog posts, but I hope to keep these coming once a month!

Although we are still in times of Covid, February was filled with new beginnings. For example, my best friend Julia is going to be a mother & I have a new god baby on the way! My other best friend Eniola is getting married and asked me to be her maid of honor! We had birthdays, links, poetry & chill sessions, women’s social justice panels, and I am officially getting ready to write my 3rd book SHADES: A Collection of Poetry Dedicated to the Black Man.

Ultimately, I am just dedicated to keeping the empowerment of my people going! Through the books that I write, through the classes that I teach, and through the people that i mentor/speak to — everything about the Major Ki is for the people. Cheers to another month of magic!

Are you ready to get into some inspo looks? Let’s start with the maid of honor, sage green!

Meet the Bride! Dresses from House of CB

Black Beauty ✨

House of CB  corset dress – Bubblegum Pink Telfar – Kate Spade Accessories

Blurry but you get the picture

Every day energy. Our friendship in a photo ❤️

From a cut throat to cozy Ki

@titawera Shearling Bucket Hat – Aldo shades – Kate Spade Accessories

The look: TOP – Target “The Joy Lab” BOTTOM – Ivy Park shorts SOCKs – Nike SLIDES – Uggs Fluffita BAG – Coach x Jean Basquiat

Cozy Ki – kate spade earrings


between you and me — this is my first time owning Ivy Park anything! – you betta go head Beyonce!

always leave em’ with a vibe


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