Fashion Diaries: Denim X Sequin

It’s official, sequin goes with everything! I’m convinced. This was a risky move for my book reading in south Philly, but one I loved. Don’t let the blue wall fool you, this crop jacket is actually grey!

CROPPED JACKET: Zara SEQUIN SKIRT: Zara SHOES: Zara STRAW BAG: Zara (If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m trying to convert you! lol)

The detail’s in the split!

I’ve never actively worked for these legs/calves lol, but they seem to be my staple! I ran track early in high school and have always stayed active, so I’m pretty sure that’s where they came from… that or genetics lol. Probably both!

100 Days of Dating is my first book! I am still so proud of this accomplishment and proud to be a published writer and author. On Saturday March 30th, I took my book to the streets of South Philadelphia! I had an amazing book reading/ Q+A at Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse (a black owned bookstore, woot woot!) and shared my piece with a few friendly faces. It wasn’t a huge crowd and I didn’t sell half as many books as I wanted, but I made amazing connections and left my presence which was success to me. I’m a proud black female author!

My sisters. LEFT: Eniola (founder of Eni Eats), CENTER: Brianca, RIGHT: Shakele (author of Floodgates) These women are my backbone. My number one supporters. And the loves of my life. Everyone needs people who believe in them a little more than they believe in themselves! Yeah.. and they’re fly too! Okaayy lol

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