Dotted in Polka


Every girl needs a little black dress in her closet.

For me, a MAJOR KI was to keep a sheer black dress handy so I can pair it with any color or kind of dress (or pants!) underneath. Surprised? I’m wearing two dresses! The the black sheer dotted cover up is buttoned on top of a polka dot slip I found hiding in Zara on 1963 Broadway in manhattan. I was on my way to a Black History Month Art Noir event at Wavemaker Productions and needed the perfect social look to both blend in and stand out — and this was it! While I didn’t get to perform my spoken word piece as planned that night, this dress put on its own show. This look is perfect for a date night!

MAJOR KI details:

Coach Studded bag

Sheer lace dotted cover up

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