Denim and Pastels

Welcome to all things D E N I M! Getting dressed for church every Saturday, (well most Saturday’s lol) is honestly one of my favorite things to do. I am a Seventh-Day Adventist and we worship Saturday’s which is our sabbath. I look forward to this day of rest most to just reconnect with my inner being. 5 days out of the week I’m a crazy management monster and executive assistant at Kate Spade. Organizing calendars, answering emails, setting up meetings and everything in the world of fashion, but taking time to truly pray and align myself with my reason for being is the most rewarding thing. I owe everything that I have and everything that I am to God. I hope the way I live my life pleases Him. Who says you can’t be cute and religious? That’s a MAJOR key!

I did this shoot with my brace on!! lol less than 6 weeks post op of my surgery, I have been BLESSED to walk and heal in such a great capacity. Why am I in heels you ask? Because I was bugging and literally itching to just feel like myself again. If there’s anything I’ve learned in this process, it was the lesson of patience and genuine gratitude. My situation could have been worst. I could have been in the hospital longer, injured worst, or not walking at all but I was none of the above. The heels were a no-no this day lol but anything for a nice pic right? lmao – (wrong!)

DETAILS! Shoes – Kate Spade New York Literally the most comfortable pair of heels/wedges I’ve ever had. Yes, they are about $300 but just ask me for the hook up lol because this summer, they are a must have!!

Details for my fashion lovers: Lashes/Make up – Flutter lash / NARS + Fenty Beauty Denim Shirt – HM Skirt – Create & Cultivate Design Conference Bag – kate spade new york Shoes – kate spade new york

I look like an angel when I want to, but there should really be a sign that says: Proceed With Caution lmao!

DE T A ILS! Anyone looking for the perfect small purse? Nails – @touchnailsalon Bag – kate spade new york

This woman is my mother, my best friend, my support, my comfort, the pain in my butt, my photographer, my Gilmore Girl and everything in between! I wanted to end this post specifically with her because she inspires and motivates me so much. I didnt think i could come back after the surgery, i thought i fell off. But with someone like her on my side, how could i ever fall off? This one’s for you mommy!

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